Theaters have invented intercom in the simplest form, the cue light. “Red” for get ready and “Green” for go. Times and technologies have moved on since, and so have the demands to direct and control. That is where a flexible and easy-to-use intercom system becomes invaluable for your show.

Usually a stage-manager sits close to the stage, behind the curtain. He or she will have the script at hand and take care that everything happens on cue. Backstage staff, dressing rooms, actors, lights and audio needs to be taken care of. For some of the groups a network based team intercom equipped with beltpacks and headsets. However, communication with the actors who cannot wear headsets would still rely on cue lights.


Manage productions professionally with punQtum connected intercom.

Shows run better when crew can communicate well. With 32 channels available, you can manage even the most sophisticated productions. With two-channel beltpacks, teams can each have their own channel and also the show ring. punQtum can carry up to 8 program feeds, so your team can listen to what they need to hear. Even stream networked audio straight from your console.

Daisy-chain belt packs together and use your existing network infrastructure. Connect to the back of house paging system using the rackmount speaker station with four party lines and more sophisticated features.



The easy-to-use and ergonomic Q110 Beltpack offers two channels of partyline intercom and is packed with many useful features


Q-Tool Configuration Software allows adjusting the system to your needs. Quick and easy. No fancy features but solid and to the point functionality no matter what Operating System you are working on. 


Light weight single ear intercom headset with dynamic microphone, XLR-4f connector and 1,5 meter cable length.