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The Q210 P – Speaker Station gives you full control in a cost-effective and easy-to-use package. 4 Channel communication, and programmable buttons allow muting all mics, make paging announcements or trigger logic outputs. Equipped with a network switch with 4 ports. Two of them are PoE powered to drive up to 4 wired beltpacks each. The Q210 P Speaker Station is your complete, self-contained communication hub.

Key Features


General Specifications
Power Source

50 … 54 VDC

PoE Power

30W per PoE port

Sampling Rate

16 kHz 

Headset Connector

XLR 4pin male

Connector Ethernet/LAN

4x RJ-45 EtherCon

Microphone Connector

1/4“ jack with 7/16“ -20 UNF thread

Built-in Speaker

5 Watts

Operating Temp.

-10° to +50°C

Operation Environment Humidity

0 to 90% non-condensing

H x W x D

19“ 1HU: 100 x 433 x 44 mm


1.7 kg

Headphone Output
Output impedance

27 Ohm

Output level

+ 18.5 dBu (max.)

Frequency response

20Hz to 7kHz (+0/-1dB)

Distortion @ 1kHz

<-73 dB (0.02%)

Dynamic range (20kHz)

95 dB (A-weighted)

Microphone Input
Bias Voltage

5.4V (typ.)

Full-scale input range

-53 … +4 dBu

Distortion @ 1kHz

< -75 dB (0.02%) @ + 4dBu FS (min. gain)
< -68 dB (0.04%) @ -30dBu FS
< -49 dB (0.35%) @ -53dBu FS (max. gain)

Dynamic range
92 dB (min. gain)
59 dB (max. gain)
Analog Interface Outputs
Input Impedance

< 2 Ohm

Input Level

+ 18 dBu (max.)

Frequency Response

20Hz to 7kHz (+0/-0.25dB)

Distortion @ 1kHz

<-80 dB (0.01%)

Dynamic Range (20kHz)

98 dB (A-weighted)

Analog Interface Inputs
Input Impedance

> 20 kOhm

Input Level

+ 18 dBu (max.)

Frequency Response

20Hz to 7kHz (+0/-0.25dB)

Distortion @ 1kHz

<-80 dB (0.01%)

Dynamic Range (20kHz)

90 dB (A-weighted)

GPI Inputs
Input Connector

D-Sub 9 female

Number of GPI Inputs


Input Type

Optocoupler input with current limiter

Input Voltage

5 … 50 VDC

Input Current

5 mA (typ.)

GPI Outputs
Output Connector

D-Sub 9 male

Number of GPI Outputs


Output Type

PhotoMOS Relay

On Resistance

< 3 Ohm

On Current

200 mA (max.) – resettable PTC fuse
400 mA

Maximum Voltage

50 VDC / 35 VAC

(*) all specifications are subject to change without notice

Extend Your System

If you are looking to expand your punQtum system with fully compatible products from Riedel Communications,
such as the Artist intercom matrix or Bolero wireless intercom, please visit riedel.net.



The easy-to-use and ergonomic Q110 Beltpack offers two channels of partyline intercom and is packed with many useful features


Q-Tool Configuration Software allows adjusting the system to your needs. Quick and easy. No fancy features but solid and to the point functionality no matter what Operating System you are working on.


Light weight single ear intercom headset with dynamic microphone, XLR-4f connector and 1,5 meter cable length.

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