Q110 – Beltpack

The easy-to-use and ergonomic Q110 Beltpack offers two channels of
IP-partyline-intercom and is packed with many useful features: power can be supplied via standard PoE switch or from our speaker station, beltpacks are daisy-chainable to up to eight units on a single network connection and you can even replay missed comms like voice-mail. It’s the perfect solution for improved team communication during events from small to large.

Plug & play

Get it out and get things done. There is no time on site. That’s why the plug & play concept of the Q110 beltpack will be your favourite. Just get it out of its box, plug it into a network and start communicating. Quick.


You don’t want to study a manual explaining features you probably would never use in the first place. You want your gear to get going. So we strapped the beltpack down to what is necessary. No gimmicks, no fancy decorations, no bullshit. Just the tool. Quintessential


Colleagues are working side by side? Daisy-chain their beltpacks and save long cable runs. Easy.



You want to remove or replace the beltclip? No problem, in just one second – without the need of a screwdriver or any other tool. Quick.


Beltpack Specifications
Power Source PoE (max. 15W)

PoE+ (max. 30W)

4-pair PoE (max. 90W)
Power consumption 2.5W typ. 3.5W max.
Sampling Rate 16 kHz
Headset Connector XLR 4pin male
LAN/PoE Connector RJ-45 EtherCon
Environment IP53
Operating Temp. -10° to +50°C
Relative humidity 0 to 90%, non condensing
Intercom connection RJ-45 etherCON
Beltclip Easy removable, spring loaded clip
H x W x D 111mm x 110mm x 40mm
Weight 255g
Output impedance 27 Ohm
Output level + 18.5 dBu (max.)
Frequency response 20Hz to 10kHz (+0/-0.25dB)
Distortion @ 1kHz <-73 dB (0.02%)
Dynamic range (20kHz) 95 dB (A-weighted)
Microphone Input
Type Dynamic, Electret
Full-scale input range 95dB (A-weighted)
Distortion < -75 dB (0.02%) @ + 4dBu FS (min. gain)
< -68 dB (0.04%) @ -30dBu FS
< -49 dB (0.35%) @ -53dBu FS (max. gain)
Dynamic range 92 dB (min. gain)

59 dB (max. gain)
Product Information
Product name Q110
Package contents Q110 Beltpack, Beltclip, Quick Start Guide
(*) all specifications are subject to change without notice


Light weight dual ear intercom headset with dynamic microphone, XLR-4f connector and 1,5 meter cable length.


Q-Tool Configuration Software allows adjusting the system to your needs. Quick and easy. No fancy features but solid and to the point functionality no matter what Operating System you are working on. 


Light weight single ear intercom headset with dynamic microphone, XLR-4f connector and 1,5 meter cable length.