In the corporate world live events have become an often used platform for customer or partner communication. A professional set-up and organization is of the essence to meet the respective communication goals of a corporate event and at the same time represent the brand at its best.

Conventions, product presentations, conferences or annual stockholder meetings have reached a standard that needs constant team communication before and during the event. Managing the various elements of these events needs on-cue appearance, accurate lighting, direction for recording and of course a perfect sound system. As the brand’s reputation is at stake you want to minimize the risk of failure to zero. That is why coordination and communication is paramount. Network technology is your best option to establish orchestrated operations and communication.


Ensure the message is heard with better crew communication.

Whether for fixed installations or temporary events, punQtum delivers a powerful and reliable intercom solution. With up to 32 intercom party lines into two-channel beltpacks and four-channel speaker stations. Easy to cable using standard IP networking infrastructure, even along your lighting, audio or AV network. Pre-program your setup in advance and instantly switch channel assignments for different events.



The easy-to-use and ergonomic Q110 Beltpack offers two channels of partyline intercom and is packed with many useful features


Q-Tool Configuration Software allows adjusting the system to your needs. Quick and easy. No fancy features but solid and to the point functionality no matter what Operating System you are working on. 


Light weight single ear intercom headset with dynamic microphone, XLR-4f connector and 1,5 meter cable length.