Precision and on-cue action is of the essence in a theater of any size. Stage props, lights, actors all need to be at a specific place on time. This is a textbook example of the importance of communication to different groups and the ideal place for digital intercom systems.


Setting up and running an audio system at a show or concert can be challenging at the best of times. Professionalizing the workflow based on clear and reliable team communication is a big part of it. Why not simply use existing network structure and cabling? Run your FOH and Intercom system independently or fully connected on the same network. If you have the network anyway, punQtum digital intercom is just plug & play.

Audio sound mixer control, electornic device


Film and TV sets are busy beehives that need clear organization and procedure. Regardless the preciseness of your script, you need to be prepared for the unpredictable. At any given time you want to be able to direct resources and staff. That is why you need a reliable intercom system that will grow with your needs.


A good presentation or conference needs directions and control. You want a smooth flow of the various elements, speakers, effects and equipment. Everything needs to happen on cue. To achieve the best possible presentation for the brand this event is representing, the various pieces have to be prepared by a team of specialists. Communication is their lifeline for successful execution.



We praise the lord in many different ways. Often enough the service contains elements of live speech and music. And every so often, there might be multimedia feeds that need to be orchestrated. Microphones, speakers and lights are the least of your worries. To have it all on cue and at the right time, communication is essential. Reliable, affordable, scalable.


The easy-to-use and ergonomic Q110 Beltpack offers two channels of partyline intercom and is packed with many useful features


Q-Tool Configuration Software allows adjusting the system to your needs. Quick and easy. No fancy features but solid and to the point functionality no matter what Operating System you are working on. 


Light weight single ear intercom headset with dynamic microphone, XLR-4f connector and 1,5 meter cable length.