Simple crew communication

Events, concerts, corporate shows, film or broadcasting sets need reliable communication systems. With so many moving parts the risk of failure is simply too big without proper team communication in place.

The good news is that with everything going digital you can easily use the network that might be available anyway. You just need a switch and to plug in a couple of beltpacks. Here you go: Your first digital intercom system is ready to go.


Why still opt for analogue systems that need additional cables and wiring and yet only deliver a poor and noisy result?

Based on standard IP network technology PunQtum offers a plug & play digital intercom system with a multitude of communication channels on a single wire. Easy to install. Easy to use. Reliable. And crystal clear. With so many venues establishing their own CAT-5 based infrastructure, what keeps you from going digital?

PunQtum Benefit


Get it out and get things done. There is no time on site. That’s why the plug & play concept of the Q110 beltpack will be your favourite. Just get it out of its box, plug it into a network and start communicating. Quick.


You don’t want to study a manual explaining features you probably would never use in the first place. You want your gear to get going. So we strapped the beltpack down to what is necessary. No gimmicks, no fancy decorations, no bullshit. Just the tool. Quintessential


Colleagues are working side by side? Daisy-chain their beltpacks and save long cable runs. Easy.